What is Karmic Release

As we move through our life, we have layers of energy surrounding us

The first layer is your physical body. The outer four layers of energy are commonly referred to as your aura. Together, these five layers or “energy bodies” are the human energy field.

The Physical Energy Body

The first layer is our physical energy body. This is the layer that we generally think of as our physical selves. Everything is energy, our bodies, trees, animals, buildings, etc. Our bodies are also energy; same as the four energies surrounding it but most people can’t see or sense these layers on a physical level.

The Etheric Energy Body

The second etheric layer of our energy body is located approximately one quarter to one half an inch from the physical body. The etheric energy body has also been referred to as the blueprint or holograph of the physical body. Many energy workers work with this blueprint. Our Etheric layer protects our physical body from toxic energy unless we have wounding in our layers, which look like holes or tears.

The Emotional Energy Body

The emotional layer of our energy body is the third layer. This is where our emotions reside and this layer can fluctuate depending on the intensity of our mood.

The Mental Energy Body

Our beliefs, thoughts, and ideas transform in this layer. As our beliefs change, our perception on the world changes-as does this layer of energy.

The Spiritual Energy Body

The spiritual layer of the human energy field is the final layer. Some say our higher consciousness lives in this layer.

As we release karmic traumas, our frame of reference or perception of the world shifts and clears, as do these energetic layers.

Imagine, these energetic layers being like a coat we wear throughout life. Our energetic experiences live inside our coat, affecting our frame of reference-in other words, our perspective on life. As our field or coat of energy gets cleaned up, our perspective changes and we see and experience things differently than before.

When we reach the end of our life here on Earth, we check our coat at the door before entering into eternity, which some people call heaven or the life after and so many other names. I believe this is where we live our real life. We continue to learn, share, work, etc in eternity, just like we do here. We live our eternal lives in eternity but come here to Earth temporarily (although it can feel like forever) to learn and evolve.

From what I understand, we choose our next life based on what we want to experience and learn. Our souls exercise our free will in choosing (or not) to grow, evolve and expand as beings. When we are reborn into our next life we put our energetic coat back on that we checked at the door when we left our previous life. In that energetic coat are all the experiences from previous lifetimes, which again, affect our perspective in the current life. We live with past life residue and it is up to us entirely to wipe away those residual experiences so we can have more clarity in our souls and mind.

Our energetic coats are loaded with thousands of experiences, both positive and traumatic. From what I’ve seen in my work and what I’ve studied and learned from other healers in this line of work, is generally there are four to five past life experiences that substantially affect our current life and most of those past experiences were traumatic.

We don’t always get opportunities to heal our trauma, especially if we had a traumatic death or lived in an era where surviving was the only item on the menu. When we have deep trauma in our energetic coat, it can affect us in our current life anywhere from causing fear, stress, and anxiety to feeling inexplicably sad. Past life trauma lives in the four layers surrounding us and stays there until it is recognized and healed.

If there’s intense trauma in your energetic coat, think of it looking like a dark grey mass in one of the layers, that mass will push into the other energetic layers, affecting our physical and emotional bodies. Remember, we are all energy and energy is constantly moving, unless it gets stuck. Energy never just disappears, it moves or gets stuck, thus disease and negative patterns and thought beliefs. Trauma can cause our energy to stagnate and get stuck in our energetic coat, thus affecting our perspective and how we literally feel every day of our life. Often it can feel like a needling energy that motivates us to act a certain way, maintain unique beliefs, have fear or anxiety, or pursue a goal or career that matches or relieves the thrusting energy (see blog on the efficacy of pain).

When we are reborn into our current life, we sometimes choose similar circumstances that could trigger our past wounds. We do this as a way to heal our selves. If our wounds aren’t triggered, how would we know they exist. They’d lay dormant, affecting our belief system and driving our behavior and/or cognition. An example of this is when someone dies alone in a house fire in a previous life, in their current life that fear could be triggered when they are around fire or in that they feel uneasy when they are alone. Many times our fears may feel so ungrounded in reason because there’s no concrete experience to substantiate them. Why would someone feel deathly afraid of being alone when they grew up in a loving family with no abandonment of any kind?

I get this all the time in my practice. Clients, bewildered, share their fears with no idea as to why they are so anxious. But when I “look” at their karmic past, everything makes perfect sense to me and eventually to them as well. It’s helpful to have a reason for the way we feel, even if we can’t see it or experience it in this lifetime.

When we heal, we may not be only healing a wound in our current lifetime, but one from many lifetimes. Not all our experiences in our current life mimic our past life trauma, but we are still affected by those residual experiences. If we want to feel more clear and light, we have to dig for reasons behind our behavior or needling energy, especially if it doesn’t make sense.

Healers can locate some of the wounding in our karmic coat and explain what happened, why and how it affects us in our daily lives. Knowledge is power, power to change and clear our mind from fear, anxiety and overwhelm. Some healers can facilitate the energy out of the energetic layers. When this happens, we feel more peace in our mind, our bodies feel lighter and the anxiety and fear dissipates or in some cases disappears. We then see our world in a different manner. What may have seemed too daunting or scary, may appear exciting or do-able. Or simply, we may not over react to the environment around us. So many times, we walk through life reacting, letting our emotions drive rather than our mind. With karmic release we’ll have more opportunities to accept and/or feel motivated to change our environment consciously. Not because we need to out of guilt or fear but because we want to but because our minds are at peace and we no longer wage war with the world or ourselves– and that is a big difference.


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