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Nessa L

I am a healer and a minister and have studied the healing arts for 40 years. I heard Rachel speak in an online symposium of healers. She was brilliant and clear and I recognized her authenticity immediately. Rachel is the highest caliber channel. Her healing capacity is extremely rare. She demonstrates an intimacy with Earth that is vibrant, natural and reciprocal.
I have participated in her group sessions several times. One series seems to build upon the bones of the prior sessions. I live with enormous pain. Journeying with Rachel places me in a river where everything moves, even pain. I feel a lightness of being. I am more organized. My intuition has been strengthened. I am feeling ever expanding peacefulness and a grounded call to action.
I measure the narrative of my life as before and after Rachel. She is a gifted visionary healer. I can not describe how profound my shifts and insights have been but tell you no one else can help you heal in quite the same way. Her healings touch all the deep places I can not see. Everyone would benefit from vast earth energy.


Stephanie Jennings

My daughter, Anna, aged 13, and I (Stephanie) both had a 10 day session of healings from Rachel in June of 2019 in Kauai in order to treat our Lyme disease. Before the healings, Anna’s Lyme symptoms included fatigue, sore throats, sadness, and headaches. During the sessions, Rachel treated not only her physical illness but her soul as well.

She also chanelled the names of some herbs that would help Anna. Anna found the healings relaxing and deeply peaceful. Immediately after the healings, Anna’s fatigue, sadness and headaches went away. It has been 6 months since the healings and these symptoms are still gone. Anna feels that Rachel’s healings were totally effective and she is grateful for them.

My Lyme symptoms before the healings included dizziness, fatigue, and brain fog. During the sessions, Rachel worked on the Lyme disease as well as some deep soul work. Ever since the healings, I have been symptom free. These healings felt very effective and powerful. I feel more centered, grounded, whole and catapulted into actualizing my higher work.

Rachel is a truely amazing and gifted healer and Kauai is a very powerful and healing place. Having the experience of Rachel’s healings in Kauai was extraordinary. I felt like my body and soul were reimagined into wholeness and that these healings were one of the most important experiences of this lifetime for me; experiences that I feel I will revisit at the moment of my death.

I highly recommend Rachel’s healing sessions to anyone who is looking for true healing and deep soul work. I am deeply grateful to Rachel and the spirit of Kauai!

Gina Van Orsdal

When I began speaking with Rachel on the phone before meeting with her in Kauai I was dealing with obesity, heart trouble, allergies, autoimmune, endocrine and hormonal problems. I had just had surgery for stage 1 uterine cancer the year before and six months later the Cardiologist was talking to me about heart surgery!

I had already lost 100 pounds with the change of thyroid medication but the weight loss had slowed. Rachel’s healing energy and connection with Earth and Creator was instant, I vividly remember during the first session, feeling my heart relax.

Since seeing Rachel in Kauai my hearts erratic beating is much more normal, my blood pressure is down at least 30 points and I can’t wait to see what the next EKG says! My energy level is way up, skin is almost perfectly clear, I swim 2 hours a day and have so much more energy.

Kauai is magical, the healing energy is very strong. It’s not an easy trip from Texas but I am planning to return for more powerful healing sessions. Rachel is a gifted, kind, super insightful healer and therapist. She helps heal body, mind and soul! Rachel constantly blows my mind with the information from my past she receives and how it connects it to the present.

I’m not done but I am on my way to good health and a better life thanks to Rachel’s special abilities!

Claire Antione

Since my healing work began with Rachel I have changed in the Best of ways and life just keeps getting better!! Not only have I been completely healed from my psychological illnesses but also from chronic fatigue and insomnia. I no longer take any type of prescription or herbal supplement for sleeping, anxiety, depression, nor for anything else.

I feel so differently about my life now, that it is a precious gift and that I need to take advantage of every moment of it. My connection with Mother Earth is so strong and beautiful, it is love in the purest sense. I never knew what self-love actually was until now and it all starts here. Synchronicities and miracles have been happening daily for me since completing the healing with Rachel.

I am literally in awe of my new life. Yes, I feel as if I have a new life right now, that my life has just begun. If this sounds too good to be true, believe me it isn’t!! If you are debating investing the time, effort and money to do this work with Rachel, stop it right now. The small investment will be the best money you have ever spent on yourself. How can you put a price on healing your mind, body and soul? You can’t! Just do it!!

Rachel is a true healer in every sense of the word and I am and will continue to be eternally grateful to her for helping me.

Symptoms when I began healing work (0-10 / 10 being the worst):

Depression – 7
Anxiety – 7
Sleep – 10
Migraine/Headaches – 4
Spiritual Connection – 5
Chronic Fatigue – 8
Nausea – 8

Post-treatment my symptoms went to a 0.

It’s been almost five months and I’ve been feeling great. I had gotten sick this last week and some of my symptoms came back while sick but was also due to what I ate and drank over the weekend. Prior to that, my symptoms were at a 0.

Bay Rose

The work I did with Rachel was nothing short of a miracle. I worked with Rachel for one week and had five days of back to back healings.

I had been living with chronic pain for over 3 1/2 years, my diagnosis: lupus.

Since working with Rachel I have noticed an amazing decrease in pain and symptoms. I recently just had two entire pain-free weeks. My flare-ups are becoming less frequent and less intense (pain used to be at a 10 and the most I’m experiencing now is a 3, 4 tops! with daily life atj a 0 or 1 ) .. this is all in less than two months!

Besides the decrease in physical pain, I’m experiencing an increase in awareness and mood, making life that much more enjoyable. I’m beyond grateful for Rachel and the work she does.

Jeilene Tracey

I have worked with Rachel Pfotenhauer for a number of years and her guidance and support has been a key aspect of my growth and development as a person and a healer.

Rachel has been channeling Earth and working with Earth to heal others. All I can say is WOW! The energy, information and healing potential of working with Rachel is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced with anyone else. Each time I work with her I feel my entire being elevate in frequency and vibration, bringing in new abilities, awareness, and joy.

She is an absolute gift to this world and I am so grateful for her work and what she is bringing to the planet at this time. She speaks for Earth, holds the deep compassion and wisdom of Earth and is able to channel it to others for healing and guidance.

It’s amazing and should be experienced by everyone!

Shawn Dollar

Professional Big Wave Surfer

Elizabeth Sosa Castaneda