Spiritual Experience: Enveloped

Above, a tree leaned over me as though it were tucking me into bed, its leaves shimmered like a fishing lure.

People often ask me what experiences I’ve had that led me to the work I do. I decided to start blogging these events in chronological order. I do this because:

1. People say they want to know.

2. Maybe you’ve had similar experiences and you can relate and/or feel validated.

3. Hopefully, these stories will be interesting enough for you to read and get to know more about my work and what it’s based in.

4. Maybe they’ll provide fodder for conversations, jokes or deep thought (perhaps I humor myself here).

Feel free to share.

I was nine years old when I was lying on a bench at the University of California in Santa Cruz. My mother was visiting with my brother at the Whole Earth restaurant on campus, he had just been hired there. As I lay on the bench waiting for her, I noticed the color of the grass which had reminded me of the Kelly-Green crayon I had used to color in the picture of a four-leaf clover at school.

Above, a tree leaned over me as though it were tucking me into bed, its leaves shimmered like a fishing lure. A large set of chimes hung from one of the branches, tinkling in the wind.  I breathed in the warm summer air, smelling the scent of the redwood trees as the light bounced off the fluttering green leaves.

At one point, I felt as though I was being lifted into a white light which engulfed me entirely. I laid in this light in complete peace. I detected four forms around me, barely visible, speaking words of encouragement and affection. Their essence was instilled in me so that I would recognize it later in my life.

Without that recognition, I may have missed the call to engage in divine energy. It may have slipped past, unnoticed, but because their tone resonated so strongly in me, when I came across it again, I recognized it as such and woke up to my soul’s purpose.

During my time in that light, a ball of intense white light entered my heart and I knew it as love. Eventually, the light faded and I was back on the bench. The chimes reverberated in the wind and I was left with deep serenity.

I remember thinking then that the feeling reminded me of being held in my mom’s arms.  I forgot about that day until years later when I heard chimes vibrating with the same lower key notes. That experience came rushing back to me, the tranquility and love of that moment there at UCSC.


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