Corona Immune Defense Meditation


Here is a Free meditation designed to help you boost and strengthen your immune system and energetic fields with Earth and Star energy.

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Earth is stating that the current energy is unique in that it is recycling, like a washing machine, over and over and over. My reply was a big question mark, WHY?

The nature of the present energy is that it’s designed to bring up what you’re not addressing or seeing from the conscious and subconscious. These would be negative thought or behavioral patterns, denial, challenges you don’t want to deal with, unresolved grief, unworthiness, fear, anxiety, health problems, etc. This energy is not letting us off the hook from addressing what needs to be addressed. Earth has told me several times the following:

“The time is NOW to address and process. Humans must start processing/healing their energy, their conditions and thoughts. I will no longer hold and transmute that which is unprocessed. I will let it bounce back to humans to deal with until there is a shift.”

She wasn’t kidding!! Are you having your stuff come up and slammed in your face again and again? I am.

I’ve had to deal with people not paying me, canceling without notice and reason, being nasty, etc. I’ve had to deal with my fear, worthiness, and clarity around my work. These events kept reappearing and so close together it was laughable. I finally said, “I got it! I’m addressing!” Which meant I experienced the shift within my body. I stepped into my value. This has been years in the making. This universal energy was forcing me to find my value within and in the world around me.

Earth isn’t expecting a full turnaround right away but the nature of the energy is for us to notice and act upon. To begin the process of acknowledgment and release. For some of you this may mean realizing something for the first time, an epiphany of sorts. For others, it might be confronting a challenging issue or a family member or friend, creating boundaries. Hard stuff but worth the time. Or maybe it’s poor eating habits, workaholic behavior, high stress, putting yourself on the back burner to meet other’s needs. We have stepped into a time of massive change where we can no longer disrespect ourselves and each other. Our immune system needs to be supported and prioritized in order to deal with these big energetic shifts. Overwhelm, stress, worry, anxiety (all fear-based) deeply affect the immune system.

The upside of this energy is that once you step into what you need to heal or address (and you don’t need to solve it-just hold awareness and start the process), the energy will stop the cycling and transmute what you’re working on so it will heal fast, which is VERY cool in my opinion. We can use this level of help. Don’t you agree? The healing can be deep and transformative.

What are you not looking at or afraid to look at? What or who have you been afraid to address? What’s the worst that can happen if you move yourself to the front burner and let others deal with their own problems? Get help and support as you move through this process.

COVID-19- People are asking me about this outcome. If you’ve come to my readings, you know I’m not into predicting as the future is mutable. Not much is written in stone. I’m also not a doctor But Earth has some things to say about this:

  • Address your stuff. As I wrote above, unresolved fear, etc doesn’t help the immune system or our minds. Address.
  • Take Vitamins B, C and D, especially C to boost and support your immune system. Take herbs like Astragalus garlic, dark leafy greens, Olive leaf and Oregano which are great for strengthening the immune system and supporting gut health and helping with daily stress.
  • Connect to Earth’s energy. Her energy is very supportive and healing. As you clear density, your body moves into it’s aligned energetic state, releases toxins and strengthens immunity. Clearing your energetic bodies of stuck chi will act as a barrier helping protect you from dense energies. COVID-19 is an aggressive dense energy. You want to have bright light around you to dissolve the denser energies. I’ve had amazing results with Earth’s energy healing work. See testimony below.
  • Stay informed on the news around COVID-19, but don’t obsess and watch it all day. This will increase your fear.
  • Meditate to clear the mind of stress and worry. Listen to calming music and spend time with positivity and positive people. %80 of disease stems from emotional imbalance. ( Dr.Mohd. Razali Salleh) Fear causes the most imbalance.
  • Rest and sleep as much as you can.
  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds and dry with a cloth or paper towel.

All fear resides as density in our energetic and physical bodies. This fear usually is a result of trauma, be it emotional such as grief and loss of a loved one or relationship, suffering from abuse, and/or physical trauma.

Rachel believes fear is accumulated throughout lifetimes, which is then stored in the energetic body. Fear can be transferred down epigenetically in the DNA or can occur in our present lives.

Fear can live in our beliefs and thoughts, creating anxiety and/or depression and stress. There are many empirical studies establishing stress as a major contributor to illness and disease. Fear is stuck dense energy that prevents our light body from aligning with our soul body.

Fear heavily influences our perspective on life, creating stories, which can confine and limit our potential and certainly affect our peace of mind.

When the fear is cleared, so is our body, belief and thought patterns and our spiritual self.

There are numerous protocols to clear density such as BodyTalk, Theta, Reiki, EMDR, therapy and more. What Rachel learned through spending many many hours with Earth, is that Earth’s energy accelerates the clearing of density, especially when combined with her soul’s energy and various universal energies.

By channeling the love and grace of these energies into the energetic and physical body, density is cleared and the body and mind react, at times quite dramatically. Clients report symptoms decreasing and/or being eliminated on both the physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Read some of our Testimonials.

During the sessions, Rachel worked on the Lyme disease as well as some deep soul work. Ever since the healings, I have been symptom free. These healings felt very effective and powerful. I feel more centered, grounded, whole and catapulted into actualizing my higher work
Stephanie Jennings
Since my healing work began with Rachel I have changed in the Best of ways and life just keeps getting better!! Not only have I been completely healed from my psychological illnesses but also from chronic fatigue and insomnia. I no longer take any type of prescription or herbal supplement for sleeping, anxiety, depression, nor for anything else.
Claire Antione
Each time I work with her I feel my entire being elevate in frequency and vibration, bringing in new abilities, awareness, and joy. She is an absolute gift to this world and I am so grateful for her work and what she is bringing to the planet at this time. She speaks for Earth, holds the deep compassion and wisdom of Earth and is able to channel it to others for healing and guidance. It's amazing and should be experienced by everyone!
Jeilene Tracey
Rachel is a gifted, kind, super insightful healer and therapist. She helps heal body, mind and soul! Rachel constantly blows my mind with the information from my past she receives and how it connects it to the present. I'm not done but I am on my way to good health and a better life thanks to Rachel's special abilities!
Gina Van Orsdal

A Channeled Text of Earth’s Words, by Rachel Pfotenhauer.

Did you know how we behave impacts Earth? There’s an energetic grid that runs throughout her body (the planet) and out into the universe. The integrity of this grid is crucial to her balance and ours.

Chapter 1

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