Channel earth to heal yourself & others

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced meditator, Rachel Pfotenhauer leads classes, workshops and retreats on how to consciously connect to Earth, thus cultivating a deep and intimate relationship with the planet.

People walk away with a new paradigm about their world in realizing they are part of a loving system which not only surrounds them but supports, loves and heals them.

There’s an energetic grid running throughout Earth which supports and balances her. The human global consciousness of fear affects this grid, causing it to destabilize, thus influencing the imbalance of her being.

As our energy becomes imbalanced and stagnant, so does Earth’s energy. As we clear our energy through our connection to Earth, we heal her as well.

Just as Rachel channels Earth’s love and pure energy to heal, we can channel our love and energy to heal Earth.

Rachel offers workshops teaching people how to clear dense energy from Earth’s energetic field so she can heal.

She offers classes, workshops and retreats include teachings, meditations, healing and channeling.

Retreats are held both nationally and internationally.