Deep integrative healing

First Time Here?

If it’s your first time here, I have a few recommendations depending on your needs.

Earth Starter Kit

This package will help you connect to Earth so you can begin to cultivate your own personal relationship with Earth and to feel the healing benefits of her energy.

What’s included


Save $90

One on One

This package will help you connect and cultivate your relationship with earth to feel the healing benefits of her energy. Three sessions will help clear deep epigenetic density in the nervous system, anxiety, pain, depression, headaches, backaches, etc. Please note, each person is different so length of time varies.

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Save $197

One on One (Bronze)

This package is for someone with more chronic conditions. Five session will make a dent in the symptoms and may heal the condition.

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Save $367

One on One (Gold)

Perfect for someone who wants to dive into healing head first.

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Save $510

All fear resides as density in our energetic and physical bodies.

Fear creates most disease. It is usually a result of trauma, be it emotional such as grief and loss of a loved one or relationship, suffering from abuse, and/or physical trauma.

Rachel believes fear is accumulated throughout lifetimes, which is then stored in the energetic body.

Fear can be transferred down epigenetically in the DNA or can occur in our present lives. Fear can live in our beliefs and thoughts, creating anxiety and/or depression and stress.

Fear is stuck dense energy that prevents our light body from aligning with our soul body.

Fear heavily influences our perspective on life, creating stories, which can confine and limit our potential and certainly affect our peace of mind.

When the fear is cleared, so is our body, belief and thought patterns and our spiritual self.

Rachel learned through spending many many hours with Earth, is that Earth’s energy accelerates the clearing of density. The body and mind react to this type of clearing, at times quite dramatically.

Clients report symptoms decreasing and/or being eliminated on both the physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Please note that Rachel Pfotenhauer is not a medical doctor nor does she diagnose. Rachel does not claim to be a doctor or licensed in any type of medical field. Rachel is a healer and channels Earth’s energy as well as universal energy to help support the healing process.