Happy Memorial Day

I hope you are getting some much needed rest today. I wanted to give you an update on the energy for June. Like I said before, the overall energy is ramping up. For the summer, the energy will grow and stay big. Energy is often unified but the energy this summer, although big, may feel disjointed. What that means in our world of density, is that things may feel frenetic. Don’t hold onto any attachment around events, or at least have a Plan B. It feels like plans can fall apart at the last minute, details get lost, people change their minds or something happens that derails a plan.

This energy can inspire you to operate more in the present with what ‘feels’ right and let go of outcomes. This summer energy does feel fun as we move more into the outdoors and sun and the promise of hopefully Covid becoming a thing of the past. People are ready to get out and about and enjoy themselves. The energy doesn’t feel heavy just discombobulated, so take a laissez-faire attitude and you’ll be fine.


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