Vast earth

Group Series

Join us on November 15th to December 20th

This energetic group healing runs from November 15th to December 20th - every Monday and Thursday from 6:30pm PST on zoom.

This series will focus heavily on healing the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Those with physical issues as well as anxiety, depression, PTSD and panic attacks would benefit from this series. Also, time will be spent strengthening our connection to Earth and our souls.

This is an excellent time to do this series as our nation is in a state of deep change. You have the opportunity to experience calm and peace in a time of unrest and upheaval. This series will also give you the opportunity to connect to your soul's purpose. What better way to end such a dramatic year and begin the new year with positive change.

I have worked with Rachel for a number of years through personal sessions, various classes and retreats and group healings and it all has helped to guide me on this journey and has been transformative for me. I am currently participating in the “Next Level” class and that is truly what it has been for me. Besides enjoying and always looking forward to the actual time with Rachel and in meditation/healing, I have noticed profound changes in myself. It feels like I have come home to who I am truly meant to be. I feel a consistent peace, clarity and joy like I’ve never felt before. After a lifetime of managing anxiety this is a God-send to me. I find that my life unfolds with more ease and grace and when challenges arise I am able to respond to them from a place of clarity and solution instead of reacting to them. I look forward to continuing in this place of deep connection with my soul and with Earth and I highly recommend this class for anyone wanting to step into the next level.
Elaine Denise
Attending the last group healing series

What: Vast Earth Group Series. Energetic group healing sessions focused on strengthening your connection with earth and clearing density.

When: November 15th to December 20th. Every Monday and Thursday evening at 6:30pm PST on Zoom.

Where: From the comfort of your home. We will meet via a Zoom meeting (group video conference).

* Limited spots

This is for you if...

* Limited spots, prepay
* Allow up to three weeks post treatment for the density to release and heal

Your Host

Rachel Pfotenhauer portrait

Rachel Pfotenhauer

MA, LPC, Psychic and Channel

Rachel holds an M.A. in Counseling and is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Psychic, Theta and BodyInuitive Practitioner and Earth Channel.

She’s worked with clients dealing with various conditions from PTSD to relationship issues for nearly 20 years. Rachel conducts classes/retreats on how to cultivate intuition, self-awareness and how to connect to Earth energy.

Students learn how to hear, sense and/or see Earth consciousness in their daily lives. Rachel also teaches how to energetically heal Earth. During retreats, Rachel offers meditation and group healing.

Contact Rachel Pfotenhauer at

* Limited spots, prepay
* Allow up to three weeks post treatment for the density to release and heal


Week 1

Fortifying the connection between you and Earth

Week 2

Fortifying the connection between you and your soul as well as healing your soul

Week 3

Clearing the density in your soul and spiritual body

Week 4

Clearing the emotional/mental bodies

Week 5

Clearing the physical body of density-specifically in the heart, liver and kidney and balancing the chi in your spleen

Week 6

Clearing physical body and balancing chi

* Limited spots, prepay
* Allow up to three weeks post treatment for the density to release and heal