She’s alive in the same way you are

Earth's energy is highly accelerative, which means she raises your frequency and helps you to decrease your fear, especially around impermanence.
Seagull flying over beach

Her energy will help you cultivate more peace in your life. When you connect to Earth, you may feel and/or hear or see her spirit in a way you may never have experienced before. You will realize she’s alive in the same way you are. She has feelings and thoughts, just like you.

She desires to connect to each and every one of you. When you learn to connect to Earth on this deep level, you will understand her loving nature and why it is such a gift to be here, living on Earth. She will feel like a best friend and an honest one at that.

Cultivating a relationship with Earth will give you a new and meaningful perspective on life. Plus we have to in order to survive here. She needs seven million of us to connect to her in order for her to swing back toward balance. She states, ‘Your fearful energy is what causes so much of my imbalance and chaos.

In order for me to retain balance, I need to feel your love and respect. I need you to connect to me and know who I am. We need to have a relationship. You and me.’


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