Corporate Healing

Vast Earth’s online group meditation and healing is a powerful tool to reduce employee anxiety, overwhelm, and stress through guided meditation, breathwork, and self-awareness.

Corporate Group Meditation & Healing (remote)

Vast Earth’s meditations have garnered a substantial following due to its high efficacy rate in decreasing anxiety, stress, overwhelm and physical symptoms such as chronic fatigue, chronic pain,  and inflammation due to high levels of cortisol.

After ten sessions clients report a decrease in reactionary behavior, an increase in daily energy, serenity, and emotional/physical balance. (See testimonies)

Meditation and healing are an hour and offered twice weekly on Zoom. Company can request days and times that benefit their employees and company workflow. A minimum of ten employees is required.


Cultivating a relationship with Earth on a daily basis and creating deep change by substantially reducing anxiety and fear, cultivating self acceptance and feeling like you’re part of something significant and meaningful.

People walk away feeling connected to their world in a way that offers hope and commitment.

Tapping into our innate knowledge and allowing it to guide us through our work and daily life. Learn to acknowledge energetic information which can help inform you to make a balanced decision be it in choosing a partner, a career, or moving through your daily life with more balance and ease.

What’s that knot in the pit of your stomach really mean? Why did I feel so off while interviewing candidates for the new position? Your body and energy gives you accurate clues to clarity everyday. Learn to trust yourself.

Based on 20 years of providing coaching, counseling and research, Rachel discusses what factors create powerful change in peoples’ lives and puts them into actionable steps that anyone can accomplish.

Most changes don’t come from herculean leaps but from intention and priorities. Rachel helps listeners to understand the value in reorienting their lives to their connection with nature and their heart.

In her healing practice, Rachel specialized in trauma treatment using EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy, DBT, somatic awareness and various forms of healing modalities. How do you continue to live after your world has been turned upside down?

Rachel gently guides people to finding their new norm, accepting the grief cycle, and discovering their new strength. Rachel teaches how you can heal your soul and release the anchors that hold you back.

Going within brings deep awareness to the life we hold inside us. We learn that the internal world is shinier and brighter than the external world.

Rachel shows how placing the locus of control within allows us to live our life more freely rather than getting our chain yanked by all the stuff we have no control over.