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Wednesday Night Group Healing via Zoom

Experience the incredible healing power of Mother Earth

Ground Down


Find peace


What if I were to tell you that you could have an intimate relationship with Earth. That by connecting to her energy, she could not only ground you and bring you peace, but heal you of anxiety, depression, angst, and physical imbalance.

Expand your consciousness and heal your mind and body

Connecting to Earth rapidly expands spiritual growth and leaves you feeling connected to something larger than yourself. There is a deep light beneath our feet. She is waiting for your connection. Earth is waiting for you to participate in your healing and hers.

When: Every Wednesday from 7 to 8pm Pacific

Where: Zoom so you can relax and heal in the comfort of your own home

How: Sign up and donate. You’ll be sent the zoom link and instructions on how to join us.

Rachel will guide you through a meditation and channel Earth’s healing energy.

Nessa L

I am a healer and a minister and have studied the healing arts for 40 years. I heard Rachel speak in an online symposium of healers. She was brilliant and clear and I recognized her authenticity immediately. Rachel is the highest caliber channel. Her healing capacity is extremely rare. She demonstrates an intimacy with Earth that is vibrant, natural and reciprocal.
I have participated in her group sessions several times. One series seems to build upon the bones of the prior sessions. I live with enormous pain. Journeying with Rachel places me in a river where everything moves, even pain. I feel a lightness of being. I am more organized. My intuition has been strengthened. I am feeling ever expanding peacefulness and a grounded call to action.
I measure the narrative of my life as before and after Rachel. She is a gifted visionary healer. I can not describe how profound my shifts and insights have been but tell you no one else can help you heal in quite the same way. Her healings touch all the deep places I can not see. Everyone would benefit from vast earth energy.
Rachel Pfotenhauer portrait
Your GUide

Rachel Pfotenhauer

MA, LPC, Psychic and Channel

Rachel holds an M.A. in Counseling and is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Psychic, Theta and BodyInuitive Practitioner and Earth Channel.

She’s worked with clients dealing with various conditions from PTSD to relationship issues for nearly 20 years. Rachel conducts classes/retreats on how to cultivate intuition, self-awareness and how to connect to Earth energy.

Students learn how to hear, sense and/or see Earth consciousness in their daily lives. Rachel also teaches how to energetically heal Earth. During retreats, Rachel offers meditation and group healing.

Contact Rachel Pfotenhauer at

By connecting to Earth weekly you may feel an expansion that takes place which enables you to feel more peace as well as react less to your surrounding environment. Earth’s energy detaches us from outside influences and allows us to ground within our bodies and her energy.

Earth’s energy has been known to decrease and/or heal the following conditions

Cultivate your relationship with Earth and feel vast peace and growth.

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A Channeled Text of Earth’s Words, by Rachel Pfotenhauer.

Did you know how we behave impacts Earth? There’s an energetic grid that runs throughout her body (the planet) and out into the universe. The integrity of this grid is crucial to her balance and ours.

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