What is vast earth?

With Earth’s energy, I'll help you heal from physical and emotional illness by clearing fear and stuck energy. You will feel healthy, light and energized.

Rachel Pfotenhauer portrait

The earth has a clarion call. She’s alive. She’s conscious, with thoughts an feelings just like us. Our souls came here to be in a symbiotic relationship with earth. We’ve been walking around disconnected for so many years. But many people are waking up and connecting with her. But, she needs 7 million people to connect to her in a conscious energetic way. Only then can she move towards balance. How we behave impacts her. There’s an energetic grid that’s runs throughout her body (the planet) and out into the universe. Its crucial to her balance and ours. It’s being destabilized by the global consciousness of fear. Connect with her and you’ll tap into the most powerful healing source we know.


Rachel holds an M.A. in Counseling and is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Psychic, Theta and BodyIntuitive practitioner and Earth Channel.

She’s worked with clients dealing with various conditions from PTSD to relationship issues for nearly 20 years.

Currently, Rachel is doing work as an energetic healer, channeling Earth’s potent energy, resulting in vast improvements or complete healing of a wide variety of hard-to-heal conditions, including auto-immune issues, chronic pain, depression, PTSD, suicidal ideation and anxiety.

Rachel heals individuals remotely and in her office in Soquel. She offers group healing in-person or via Zoom, and heals in energy charged environments such as Kauai, Colorado and throughout the world.

Rachel conducts classes/retreats on how to cultivate intuition, self-awareness and how to connect to Earth energy. Students learn how to hear, sense and/or see Earth consciousness in their daily lives.

Rachel also teaches how to energetically heal Earth. During retreats, Rachel offers meditation and group healing.


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