The Value of Practice

“I’m feeling more peaceful now than I ever have in my life. I’m 67 years old. I’ve been depressed my entire life. During COVID I haven’t been scared once, not once! My employment fluctuates on and off. Normally this would have FREAKED me out. But I’m okay. I’m really good. I’m no longer depressed. I find joy in life now. I’m actually glad to be alive.”

“I lived with severe anxiety for the last ten years. My stomach hurt all the time. Now, I feel only a little anxious when I’m having a really bad day, but even then, I’m so strong. I can’t believe I’m this person.”

“I look forward to every Wednesday night because I know I’ll find beauty and peace when I’m in Earth’s energy. It lasts all week.”

These are statements from people who’ve committed to a practice. For these people, connecting to Earth was what moved them the most. Where they found the biggest shift. At first they noticed a minor change, which in their lives meant something. They had tried so many different things, but nothing stuck. Earth’s energy stuck. So they kept connecting, in my group and on their own. Every week, then every other day on their own and then every day. They longed to feel her presence. That’s how a practice with Earth is. You long for her energy. It’s that palpable.

When you build a practice, not only does it help you grow, but it gives deeper meaning to your life. You find something bigger outside of yourself AND within yourself. You go deeper and deeper. You feel good about showing up over and over again. You start to apply this to other areas of your life. You feel reliable for yourself in a way you may never have.

When things get really hard, you know EXACTLY what you need. You know EXACTLY where to go. To Earth. There you know you’ll find love, peace and acceptance.

Any practice helps. No matter what your spiritual practice or religion–prayer, meditation and connection. They all help.



What is your practice?

Connect to Earth. Find your self-worth. Feel her love. Know Peace.


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